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About Us

Language Beauty is a joint service launched by Anasoft Studio together with two partner translation agencies in 2006. Most leaders in our team have 4-10 years experience in different fields related to commercial translation. This is a group constituted by language/translation experts, a machine translation researcher, computer experts and translation project managers. On the back of this team are no less than 1,000 experienced translators mastering the art of translation between major language pairs we ever know. Our two agencies have a turnover of several millions of words in all major languages each year.

Quality, Professionalism and Sincerity are what we hold as our credo when providing services our clients need.

We currently focus on two sections:

  • The main part - translation between English and Chinese,
  • and, translation between English/Chinese and several other major languages - French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

For requirements of translation between some minor languages, we may decide it by case-based analysis.

You are welcome to have us as your translation partner.


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