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If you often use our services, setting up an account and make a deposit in advance can save your bank transfer fees. Besides, a VIP member account give you discount from 5% to 20% to save more money for you. You can establish one Basic Member account and/or one VIP Member account.

Basic Member (Basic Member): There is no discount for a Basic Member. Its only function is to save your time and money in bank transfer. A Basic Member will be opened for you automatically if your payment is more than the amount you should pay.

VIP Member (Green Member, Silver Member, Golden Member, Diamond Member): Their discount rates are from 5% to 20%. In response, there is a validity period.

  Basic Member

VIP Member 

Green Member Silver Member Golden Member Diamond Member
Discount - 10% 5% 10% 20%
(Minimum) one time prepayment US $1.00 US $900.00 US $1,900.00 US $3,600.00 US $8,000.00
Amount added to account US $1.00 US $1,000.00 US $2,000.00 US $4,000.00 US $10,000.00
Word count estimation (at rate: US $0.05/word) - 20,000 words 40,000 words 80,000 words 200,000 words
Word count estimation (at rate: US $0.10/word) - 10,000 words 20,000 words 40,000 words 100,000 words
Validity period - 1 year 3 years 3 years 3 years
Refund No Conditional Conditional Conditional Conditional


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